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Artist of the Day | P R Satheesh

P R Satheesh

Untitled l


Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

96 x 216 inches (triptych)


Having grown up in the mountainous region of Munnar in Kerala, within stark realities of farmland conflict and stirring wilderness, P.R. Satheesh views his relationship with nature and its creatures as the primary inspiration for his work. His family's decision to move to a cardamom plantation during his childhood, away from civilisation and familiar terrain, produced in him a bond with these surroundings. After graduating from art school in Trivandrum and practicing as a full time artist for some years, Satheesh moved back to the farm, continuing his studio practice there, while also earning his livelihood as a farmer. Childhood memories seeped into his work. The artist recalls his daily walk to school through the forest adjoining the family's farmland – something that could well ignite the imagination of a young boy with images of grotesqueness. The instinctive, vibrant, and frenetic nature of his art is manifest in the six wall-sized paintings which will be on view in this exhibition.

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