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Artist of The Day | Liu Wei

Liu Wei


Aluminium plate, cement,wood, resin, and gypsum

92.52 x 70.87 x 88.58 in



Liu Wei was born 1972 in Beijing, where he currently lives and works. a leading figure in china's post-cultural revolution art establishment, Liu is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant artist of his generation. The artist's latest abstract pieces explore the relationship between human and nature, influenced by the philosophy of bruno latour.

A multi-talented member of the emerging generation of Chinese Artist, Liu Wei said he "doesn't begin from a material or a technique, i have an idea and then think about how to express it."Working in a wide variety of media, Liu has progressed from witty cultural critiques, including landscapes composed of photographed buttocks and a sculpted six-foot turd studded with toy soldiers and electronic components, to evocative installation pieces that comment on urbanization and materialism in a rapidly changing China.

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