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Artist of The Day | Laxmipriya Panigrahi

Laxmipriya Panigrahi

Happy Hunting Ground

Watercolor on paper

24 x 36 inches




Born-23rd April 1989,Odisha,India

I am Laxmipriya Panigrahi, from village East of Odisha where I completed my schooling. I have completed my Graduation in bachelors of visual arts B.V.A (Painting) Balasore Art and Crafts College 2012 Balasore, Odisha, and M.V.A (Painting) Utkal University of Culture 2015, Odisha.

I begin my career as an artist. At that time my art was inspired from the Orissan temple architecture, Patta painting and folk art. My practice is vastly influenced and marked by my shift form Odisha to Delhi and personal encounter with the ever-changing cityscape, evident in my recording of minute details – both real and imagined. Fusing stylistic elements drawn from miniature paintings and the traditional Patta paintings as my subject. I intend to extend my work to bring out the fact that still life also has its own life. What I really mean is, I find the signs of life in everything around us which makes us lively.As an artist and a migrant from a village of Odisha, to Delhi has been motivating and inspiring to me as an artistes I have always been interested in Landscapes as subject matters. so my work may be described as a kaleidoscope of bright vibrant, joyous colours with miniature like detailing. I learned to work with water colour.Then I moved to Delhi and working on paper to truly explore my creativity and potential. where nature is abundant to a metro city I witnessed many transitions and changes.

My recent works, you will find a sense of conflict happening with the man made structures and natural structures. So my paintings, drawings, The instinct to be creative drives me to get involved in drawing. Art for me is about experiencing my own self while drawing. The works of art II take these experiences as my inspiration and use those ideas in to my work where I try to learn. As a device that has become indispensable in modern culture, the computer represents both the material and the medium by which this culture examines and shapes itself. The artist explores the visual language as a deferent medium to articulate his thoughts and then evaluate the possibilities of transforming them in to work of art.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas, Laxmipriya Panigrahi


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