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Artist of The Day |Kanishka Raja

Kanishka Raja

Test Site (Pavilion No.2);SW2

UV-cured inkjet print on treated linen, wire mesh, wood, inkjet-printed carpet, audio speakers, looped soundtrack

144 x 144 x 144 in


Kanishka Raja creates paintings, installations and site-specific wall works in which images and information from disparate global settings interlock in complex visual fields, suggestive of multiple and incongruent points of view. In composite realms that capture notions of both the technological and the handmade, Raja’s colliding realms of the foreign and familiar are charged with observations of the political and social worlds he inhabits. The artist divides his time between New York and Calcutta and the circuitry of his production is grounded firmly in the particular contingencies of this fracture. Kanishka Raja has been exhibited widely in the United States, India, and Europe. In 2004, he received the ICA/Digitas Artist Prize from the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. His work is included in the collections of the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA and the Meadows Art Museum, Dallas, TX. Mr. Raja is represented by Greenberg Van Doren Gallery , New York

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