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Artist of The Day | Joydip Sengupta

Joydip Sengupta

Sky Walk

Oil on canvas

46 x 36 in


JOYDIP SENGUPTA Born:1973, New Delhi,India

Within the context of the inner and outer realm in the human interface, there lies an experience that reshapes and defines who you are. The notion may be de-centered, as time transforms and modifies its essence. Experiences shaped by memory shuffle within to create logic, which constantly reconstructs an idea of the self. When these notions come in contact with reality there is a crossover where the journey becomes of the one through the other and all our experiences are similar in a sense, as an experience of the human race and differ at the point of being an individual. The central figure is devoid of features and yet having within it, diagram and detail, which is a summary of the journey of a lifetime within.

I imagine gathering bits and pieces of visual culture, in the manner that makes the inner world more coherent. Within my perception of exploring the visual realm there isn’t much of a difference in the way I look at reality, dream and memory. The layers of existence are distributed in moments that belong to different time zones.

Connecting and disconnecting form with the familiar and unfamiliar is my attempt to fathom the unfathomable or to try to see what lies beyond rational thought and perception.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas, Joydip Sengupta


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