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Artist of The Day I Hannah Levy

Sculptor Hannah Levy breaks apart and reconfigures often overlooked items to create subtly anthropomorphic combines that suggest the familiar detritus of the industrialized world. She uses the term “design purgatory” to describe the banal objects she repurposes, which include such trade materials as medical devices, pool handrails, and napkin dispensers. Most often rendered in polished steel and vinyl, the works seek to balance the elements of abstract sculpture and associative assemblage. In their combination of soft materials, often flesh coloured, and hard metal, her untitled sculptures speak in the subtle language of medical and commercial design, finding metaphor for the human body in the machinery that mediates it.

Untitled, 2022 Silicone and stainless steel 102.36 x 118.11 x 81.89 inches 260 x 300 x 208cm



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