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Artist of The Day | ​Hema Upadhyay

Hema Upadhyay

Where the bees suck, there suck I



Hema Upadhyay was an Indian artist known for her photographs, intricate paintings, and mixed-media installations that reflected the cityscapes and identity of her native country. Drawing extensively from her own experience, Uphadhyay crafted narratives from found materials to explore themes of gender, migration, socioeconomics, and urban development. “So much chaos in my work actually came from the city,” she explained. “When I work in my studio in Mumbai, there are lots of elements, of decay, of life, of chaos. It’s a double-edged condition when you see development in the making—you see growth but decay.” Born Hema Hirani in 1972 in Baroda, India, she earned both her BFA and MFA from the University of Baroda in 1995 and 1997, respectively. She went on to exhibit internationally, with solo shows at the MACRO museum in Rome, the Institute of Contemporary art in Brisbane, and the Gallery Nature Morte in New Dehli, among others. Her career was tragically cut short with her death at the age of 43 in Mumbai, India.

Courtesy of, Hema Upadhyay .


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