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Artist of The Day | Gopal Shinde

Golpal Shinde

Ambigity 1

Charcoal pencil on rolling board

9 x 9 in



GOPAL SHINDE B. 1981 ,Maharashtra,India

In my work line plays an important role express my concept. This drawing gives me the assurance of being naïve through out of my working process. My intention is to deal with the unseen persona. It is interesting to study many characters which give an insight to my existence. Frame by frame it turns out to be maze, when I walk through to balance my perception and reality.

I choose human face as they appeal to me for various aspects. They are such micro level difference in each face that somehow it can hold to a particular identity but still in totally individual. These faces create lots of possibility to do research which create scope for my future creation. With the complexity that life brings to us. I had spread myself so thin that all the layers of life make me more sensitive. The unsolved question and urge to know the truth take me to my deeper consciousness. My visuals are the outcome through the conscience frames, I am struggling with. The brief where “life is beautiful “should be behind this on question keep my journey of art alive.

Courtesy of Gopal Shinde, Roy Thomas.


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