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Artist Of The Day | Ghulam Mohammad

Ghulam Mohammad

MEHDOOD (Limited)


Gold-leaf, Iranian Ink and paper collage on wasli

51cm x 36cm


Ghulam Mohammad engages with the politics of language by creating complex three-dimensional forms out of Urdu and Persian letters which he manually carves out of books. By breaking apart the linear structures of language that govern our understanding of the world, Ghulam questions the power narratives and implications associated with it. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts [2013] and Master of Art Education [2017] from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. His solo exhibition ‘(Uqda) Unpuzzled’ was recently held at 1 x 1 Art Gallery, Dubai [2021]. He has also shown at various group exhibitions namely ‘Spiralling into the Absurd’ at Bikaner House by Anant Art [2021], India Art Fair [2019], Satrang Gallery, Islamabad [2014], Canvas Gallery, Karachi [2014, 2015] and Rohtas Gallery, Lahore [2016]. He was awarded the Jameel Art Prize IV from Victoria & Albert Museum London [2016] and Beaconhouse Emerging Talent Award for Art, Lahore Literary Festival [2015]. Ghulam lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan.

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