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Artist of The Day | ​George Martin P.J

George Martin P.J

Tale of time


Series of 20 Sculptures and Installations


My work always resides in the realm of freedom where the artist owns all the infinite riches of the world. A source of permanent delight and excitement because it is from here that one is overwhelmed by the unbound miracle of creative exploration of the world. My works exists somewhere between objects and images. They appear as autonomous, self-contained entities, decidedly abstract, yet expedient devices both in my off-site and site-specific experience. Experienced with mind, they become monumental shapes of space, their opening invite the viewer to become a visitor, physically entering the work of art to experience it not as an object but as a space. The viewer is part of my work. I have always tried to communicate with him by stimulating his memory. The viewer has the right to interpret the work of art, as he likes to make his own work of art. As far as I am concerned, it is enough simply to give him this signal. Just to communicate with him without trying to teach or direct him. I want to bring out the viewers interiors and invisible powers. The invention of the new context seems to me the invention of reality. In other words the radical discovery through these endeavours is the contrast that with the view of the world image presents. Ever since I chanced upon this facet of my persona I realized that art objects no longer represent reality but are by themselves a reality (produced by themselves). Through my works I seek the return of the real, perhaps confronting the question of denying the value of this reality in order to produce a picture of a better world (as perceived before).

George Martin P.J


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