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Artist of The Day | Dorota & Steve Coy

Dorota & Steve Coy

Seamless Integration


Mirror, acrylic, LED lighting

70 × 31 1/4 × 31 1/4 in


Dorota (b. 1978, Poland) and Steve Coy (b. 1978, USA) are a husband and wife conceptual and visual artist duo based in Detroit. Their current project, Hygienic Dress League (HDL, HDL, Corp.), is a conceptual art project that uses a legally registered corporation as a new and original form of art. Their large-scale public interventions and immersive environments use a variety of mediums including the “found object” and often leverage technology in ways that produce unique experiences. Their work is often epistemological in nature and explores aspects of the human condition and contemporary society while challenging reality, truth, and belief systems. Projects are often speculative in nature and are influenced by various aspects of other art movements, notably conceptual art, relational aesthetics, surrealism, and street art. The symbolic imagery creates a paradox of image and concept resulting in an aesthetic that has been described as “Dystopian Glamour.”

The couple’s public installations have been exhibited on numerous occasions in Detroit, MI, and they have appeared internationally in cities including London, England; Berlin, Germany; Montreal, Canada; and Madrid, Spain, among others. In 2017 their work was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Bogota, Colombia. They have also recently completed residencies in France for Project DeDale, Portugal for Art Loures Publica, and in Buenos Aires for the cheLA Foundation. Their work has been featured in notable outlets including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Economist, NYLON, CityLab, HuffPost, and Politiken.


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