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Artist of The Day | Daku

Daku is an anonymous Indian artist whose pseudonym means “bandit”. The polarised and cynical nature of Daku’s work is informed by the fine marketing dynamics he worked for, which is the advertising industry. It investigates the complexities of our existence in a highly consumerist, desensitised society where everything is ephemeral. Always experimenting with different mediums and languages - English, Hindi, and Urdu, Daku is able to establish profound and site-specific dialogues with the spaces he works within. His works have been showcased at venues such as the Centre Pompidou, Venice Biennale, Triennale Design Museum, Sikka Art Fair and India Art Fair amongst others.

Place Graslin


Indian street artist Daku has taken Christophe Manon's poem and places it in large scale on Place Graslin in his work The Theory of Time. The poem relates to time and is taken from the Universal collection published in 2009. The installation evolves according to the course of the sun which projects the shadow of the text on the ground. The artist making a connection between time and shadow brings to sharp notice our often-forgotten sense of time.


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