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Artist of The Day | Chandrashekar V Waghmare

Chandrashekar V Waghmare

Glimpse of my time

Etching on paper

40 x 30 in


CHANDRASHEKHAR V. WAGHMARE Born 9th June 1988,Nagpur,India

My work is the outcome of instinctive response to my immediate environment. The imagery I use reflects how I perceive social issues and situations around me. I always have tried to show the actual picture of our society in my compositions. The ethical value of human being has lost somewhere and they are not bothering to find it out. People are now running after the material objects and trying to be happy from it. My compositions are familiar to everyone, since they are experienced by everybody. What I tried to convey through these familiar objects is the hidden power of them. These are not objects like chair, table or a studio. These are the thing which built a person to a powerful or a different one. I have used animal form to represent the dishonest officials who does not have the self-consciousness to take bribe for which rich become richer and poor becomes poor. I am not a social educator but trying to show the glimpses of our actual society.

I gradually change my subject of work as I do not want to stick with one area under discussion. It gives me a scope to explore new subjects beyond my experiences. The designed frame is my individual space where I have expressed my own stories. In one sentence it can be said that I have used various metaphors to express the social issues and problems with a comprehensible message.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas, Chandrashekhar V Waghmare


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