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Artist of the Day | Neha Vedpathak

Those Places


Plucked handmade Japanese paper, acrylic paint, and thread

9 x 10 feet


Originally from India, she was born in 1982 and resides in Chicago, IL. Neha uses subtletly to her advantage. She works with different materials such as acrylic, polymer, plexiglass, handmade paper, mirror and organic substances like turmeric, flowers, leaves and clay. Nehas forms are minimalist and simple. Using different techniques she tries to reinvent herself while using painting as a means of expression and interaction to reach spirituality. “I am interested in how these objects respond to change in light, space, season and time. My intentions is to lose the narrative and let the viewer perceive purely on the basis of manifestation of the work” describes Neha herself within her artist statemen

Always highly interested in the interaction of her work with the viewer. She abstracts the natural world with the intention of leaving a piece of herself within the artwork, letting it converse with the viewer rather than creating the conversation. Vedpathak has been a resident artist at Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Greece, Bharat Bhavan Graphic Studio in India, Spiro Arts in Park City, Utah, the Prestigious Anderson Ranch Art Center in Aspen, Colorado and at CAMAC, France. She featured exhibitions in theCzech Republic, India, U.S, Canada, France, and Greece.

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