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Artist of the Day | Anupam Sud

Anupam Sud - Untitled

Anupam Sud

Untitled 1989 Watercolour and oil pastel on paper 12.25 in x 9.75 in


Anupam Sud is one of the finest printmakers among the new generation of artists in India. Although she has taken up painting on large canvases, mostly in acrylic, her intaglio prints still hold their sway over her paintings. Anupam has been experimenting in different areas of the graphic medium, but what stands out is apparently her effortless infusion of different intaglio processes with screen-printing and lithography.

There is little of the narrowly 'feminist' in her total oeuvre. Instead, her firmly drawn figuration of men and women draw our attention to the general human situation and to psychological tensions between man and woman and that between man and society. A large part of the charm of her intaglio and mixed- media prints lies in her treatment of chiaroscuro.

Born in Hoshiarpur in Punjab in 1944, Anupam did her diploma in Fine Arts from the College of Art, New Delhi in 1967. She specialized in printmaking. With a British Council scholarship she studied printmaking at the Slade School of Art, London (1 971-72). Since the year Anupam left College of Art till 1007, she has had 12 solo shows in India, Korea and USA. From 1968 to 1996, she participated in 34 national and international exhibitions which included the .'Women's, International Exhibition', New York (1 975), the Florence Triennale and the Third Trnennale - the Fourth and Fifth Biennale, Valparaiso, Chile (1979, '81), International Print Biennale, Ljubljana (1981, 83), Fifth Triennale - India, and in Switzerland, the Sixth Norwegian Print Biennale (1 982), British Print Biennale, Bradford (1 985), 'Printmaking in India since 1850, Lalit Kala Akaderni, New Delhi (1986), the Eight lntemational Print Biennale, Berlin (1987), International Print Biennale, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal (1 995). She curated the 'Mini Print '96' show on behalf of Gallery Espace, New Delhi.

Anupam attended five print workshops, two of which were conducted under Paul Lingren and Carol Summers (1970, 1974). In 1989 she represented India at the printmaking workshop of Asian countries at the Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan, worked in professional workshops in New York and Berkeley (1996) and conducted a printmaking workshop in Ottawa, Canada (1990). Anupam Sud has won awards 19 times between 1969 and 1995. In 1990, the Centre for International Contemporary Art (CICA), New York, awarded her with a study and traveling fellowship in printmaking in the USA, and she won the President of India's Gold Plaque at the Women's International Art Exhibition, New Delhi (1975), Special Award at the International Print Biennale, Bharat AIFACS, in the same year.

Anupam Sud lives and works in New Delhi. courtesy of,

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