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Artist of the Day | Brinda Pamulapati

Brinda Pamulapati - Red in the Sea

Brinda Pamulapati

Red in the Sea 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 30 × 40 in


Abstract art is a game of colors for Brinda Pamulapati. She conceptualizes the rules in terms of equations, informed by her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics from Florida State, and as an online faculty member for Southern New Hampshire University.

Pamulapati senses an intrinsic connection between her field of study and methodical approach to the canvas. She enjoys “fixing” one artistic element in her process, such as shapes, while varying others like texture and color. Blending complexity with simplicity in equal parts, this exchange comes naturally in her acrylic experimentations.

Though she strives to remain original, she admits to learning a great deal of artistry from masters; she is drawn to Frank Stella’s sophisticated color palette, Mark Rothko’s massive canvas sizes, Wassily Kandinsky’s geometric shapes, as well as JMW Turner’s dry brushing.

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