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Final work

Isn't it funny? When I look back at my younger self or even yesterday, I laugh-"how foolish I was" However, if I lived my past again I would still live with the same 'foolishness'. As I will grow old, weak, wrinkled and broken I will look at myself again, and laugh-"how foolish I was" It's as if I have been living my whole life as a joke but I guess that's just how we grow. I keep changing myself because of this 'foolishness' and 'stupidity' of mine. When will I ever be satisfied with the way I am. I am tired of constantly trying to change myself to be a better version of me. But I am also tired of carrying this load of 'embarrassing' version of me. Sometimes I wish I could just go back to being that carefree child, not realising that one day I would become someone so full of contradictions, not realising that I am a fool.

Fatima Mahrish




Japanese calligraphy ink, black gel pen, white acrylic and watercolors


9in. × 9in.



About the work

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