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Drishwin NV


Dhrishwin NV

Artist and Art facilitator 

Drishwin NV is an artist who graduated from the College of Fine Arts,

Thiruvananthapuram in 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in

painting. Drishwin, a talented freelance artist specializing in painting

and known for their love of creating live human portraits. One of his

greatest fascinations lies in exploring the diverse shades of skin

tones and expressing them with utmost sensitivity and artistry. With

expertise in multiple painting mediums including oil, watercolour, and acrylic, they demonstrate a versatile skill set that allows them to

bring their artistic visions to life. In addition to their proficiency in

painting, Drishwin is also an accomplished sculptor. Beyond their

work as a visual artist, Drishwin's talents extend to the realm of

storyboard artistry and film art direction.

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