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Artist: Sabaridas
Curated by: Roshan George


The Paradoxical Egalitarians


Human behavior is inherently complex and interspersed with personal, social, political, economical and cultural differences. These facets influence our choices and inherent biases. Apart from what we consider universal behaviours, all humans have what is inherently their individuality. Confounded by trepidation, we refrain from vocalizing and incarcerating ourselves in the light of prudence. Evaluating stigmata and assessing the divergent perceptions of the social structure reinvigorate and catapult society.
Human etiquette is an intricate tapestry woven from a multitude of personal, social, political, and cultural threads. To truly understand it, we must take a holistic approach, examining the many factors that shape our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The project consists of four sequences, with the first phase focusing on influential world leaders. The following sequence will move closer to the grassroots level and examine how most of our voices are selfish and biased. Probing into the prejudice embedded within our society and critiquing each sequence, "The Paradoxical Egalitarians’’ summons us to introspect and understand our subconscious biases.

                                                                                                                                           Roshan George

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