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Child Painting Model Airplane

Art + Design Foundation





128 Sessions 1 hour each


2 Sessions / week


Art + Design Foundation

Learning Objective:
● Equip the students with greater observation capabilities and enhance their thinking process to
creative thinking and critical understanding.
● Focusses on their skills of expression and tools to enhance the quality of expression.
● Look into the nuances of individual potentials and challenges. This will help the students to
build their confidence and equip them with a clarity of their aptitude and strength.
● Exhibit aims to provide opportunities of experiencing the holistic journey of their program
focusing on an integrated learning experience.
● Producing the final portfolio of their works and participating in the exhibition curation of their
own works. This will provide greater self consciousness, and awareness of learning as a journey.


Learning Outcome:

● Developing the idea of learning by doing and understanding the significance and history of art

and Design and enhancing visual thinking.

● Exploration of various mediums and Materials and significance of those in expression of concepts.

● Developing aesthetic orientation, critical thinking and representation skills.

● Develop comprehensive skill sets supporting the production of a creative portfolio and develop

presentation and articulation skills.


Eraser, Sharpener and Ruler
HB Pencil
Shading Pencil Set
Charcoal Pencil set of 3
Black gel pen
Drawing Ink - Black or Indian Ink
Synthetic brushes (assorted set of flat and round brushes : sizes 0, 2, 4, 6 & 8)
Palette - small
Artist quality Oil Pastels 50 shades
Sketch Book A3 150 GSM  
Artist quality watercolour cake 18/24 shades
Water colour paper A4 300 GSM cold press - 5 sheets, hot press -10 sheets

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