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Child Painting Model Airplane

Advanced Creative Study





104 Sessions 1 hour 15 Mins each


2 Sessions / week


Advanced Creative Study

Learning Objective:
● Understanding holistic development of a student
● Developing aesthetical orientation and new perspectives
● Exploring elements and principles of Art & Design.
● Develop sensitivity towards visual perception.
● Sketching through observation, Learning from surroundings.
● Explorations by combining practice and theoretical inputs.
Learning Outcome:
● Understanding history of art, artistic tradition and theories.
● Develop an in-depth understanding of the visual design language
● Developing an orientation for seeing, and sensitizing.
● Understanding importance of consistency and dedication and sense of ownership
● Acquainting with materials and tools from the immediate surroundings
● Self-initiated learning and critically analyze self-work and reflect on it objectively


Module 1- Drawing Explorations

The first module Drawing Explorations will have 26 classes (1 Class -1 hour and 15 minutes)

Module 2- Design & Visual Perception

The second module Design & Visual Perception will have 52 classes (1 Class -1 hour and 15 minutes) 

Module 3- Final Project

The third module Final Project will have 26 classes (1 Class -1 hour and 15 minutes)

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