Program details:

Duration: 16 classes | 1hr 30 mins 2 days/week

Fees: INR 5000/-

Topics covered

•    Research
•    Layout
•    Collage
•    Bookbinding
•    mood-boarding/iterating 
•    printmaking (optional) 
•    drawing
•    image making 
•    putting a publication together from scratch 

Zines ( Pronounced Zeens) is a hand made, low cost, publication on a small print run basis. They were introduced in the 1960's and 1970's (the British punk movement). Zines are made by artists, illustrators and designers bringing the voice of the public out. 

A Zine is a low cost, a self-made piece of work, accessible and achievable by anyone. In this course we will learn layout, curating content and bookbinding. the result is a handmade publication. On this course, you will learn through exploration, experimentation and bringing your personal interests on board. 

You will learn to produce your own zine from scratch. You will experiment with formats, techniques and different ways of making work.

Zine workshop at SJP school of architecture and planning, January 2019.

Contact for more details:

+91 9742 020 666