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Tie & Dye

6 hours Workshop

Dec 17th & 18th
Batch1 : 10AM to 1PM. Batch2: 03PM to 06PM

3 hours / day


INR 1800

Classes only on weekdays

Ideal for Age 13+

Workshop Schedule

The Two-day session will be divided into 4 Steps

Resit dying' is an ancient technique of dying the fabric, which invites magnificent patterns and textures to the lifestyle of people. In different parts of the world, various communities practised the 'resist dying' in multiple names like Shibori, Jiaxie, Leheria, Bandini, Batik etc.

This two-day's workshop will focus on the tie and dye process, which will offer the participants an experience of exploring the techniques' context, process and possibilities of dying the fabric.

Day 1:

Batch 1: 10 AM -11 AM | Batch 2: 3PM -4 PM

Presentation, Discussion and Preparing cloth for dying

Batch 1: 11 AM- 1 PM | Batch 2: 4 PM- 6 PM

Planning of designs, Creating the knots and tying

Day 2:

Batch 1: 10 AM - 12 PM | Batch 2: 3PM -5 PM

Dying, Fixation, Second round tying and dying

Batch 1: 12 PM - 1:00 PM | Batch 2: 5:00PM-6:00PM

Untying the material, Drying and displaying the final work.

Usman Pakkath

Usman Pakkath is an artist and educator from Kerala. He earned his BFA and MFA in painting from Govt. College of Fine Arts, Thrissur, Calicut University and S N School of Arts and Communication, Central University of Hyderabad, respectively.

Before joining Artville Academy Usman was working in Avani Institute of Design, Thamarassery for the past seven years. His interest in curriculum planning and academic mentoring led him to actively build the integrated design studio program. Prior to Avani, Usman Worked in different parts of India involved in community art projects and residencies, and art exhibitions. A selected few include “BAKED EARTH” Public Art Project - Terracotta Workshop and Preview at Parudur, Kerala. 2015, and “Las Indias” at the 2011 International Theater Festival of Kerala at Thrissur, Kerala. Usman is also a winner of the 2010 and 2012 Kerala Lalit Academy Scholarships. His selected few exhibitions and curatorial projects include the curation of “Uruvam” Community Art Project at AVANI Institute of Design, Calicut. 2019-20, “Carnal Apple” Solo Exhibition at Parudur Library Recreation Center Kodikkunnu, Kerala, “Contemporary Contingencies” Gallery OED Cochin, Kerala, “Regional Art Exhibition” Organized by Lalit Kala Academy Regional center, Chennai.

His 14 -year experience in art practice, collaboration with theater, interactive approach in pedagogy, and public art & design projects expanded his area of practice in multiple directions such as collaborations with communities and socio - cultural initiatives.

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