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360 Animation Master class

Sept 17th 2022 2 PM to 4 PM

2 hours



Classes only on weekdays

Work with professional animator and filmmaker and artist Kim Noce to discover how an animator creates their film and learn the basics to make a simple animation film in 360 together with other participants with basic tools.

Arrive early to settle down, get ready and restore yourself with some drinks and food before starting the workshop.

2 pm starts A Short Presentation about the workshop and how to animate

2.30 pm Animate together with other participants a taster animation

3.30 pm Complete the animation and share your experience

End 4.00 pm End of the workshop and Q&A.

Artist Kim Noce will then share the 360 animations you created online for you to revisit anytime at

Kim Noce

I have directed and animated several independent short films funded by the BBC, CH4, ACE, and BFI. The 19 films screened in more than 500 major international film festivals, winning more than 50 prizes worldwide, including Venice, Berlinale, Annecy, Encounters, Aesthetica, EIFF, LIAF, LSFF, BAA, RTS, Monstra. The films broadcasted on CH4, BCC, MTV, ITV and on streaming platforms such as MUBI, reaching more than two million views.

Since 2017 I have co-created KAN-COLLECTIVE with collaboration and public participation to explore new immersive multimedia live performances; showcased at TATE, Barbican, Berlinale, Biennale of Odisha, Athens Digital Arts Festival, and other venues worldwide. During Covid, my focus shifted to 2D animation in VR and AR, and I was awarded an intensive training at the STORY FUTURES ACADEMY. In 2020 I was funded by Animate Projects for an immersive animation documentary trilogy: Cities of Ladies . It has been selected in 67 new media festivals worldwide, including the Berlinale Talents Opening Ceremony and won 10 awards.

This year I have won funds from the British Council for STARP an interactive AR animated documentary. It combines immersive technology and the oldest traditional craft from Nepal, fair-trade sustainable practices, and celebrates equality for women. The project will culminate in a series of exhibitions worldwide next year. I have also recently received an R&D grant for SENSING, a programme of artist’s commission exploring neurodiversity. I am collaborating with Mathew Longo, Professor of the Body Representation Laboratory at Birkbeck University, to create an immersive VR to investigate the psychological and neural bases of our experience.

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