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Artist of The Day | Shrimanti Saha

Shrimanti Saha



Oil on Linen

20 1/2 x 30 in


Artist Statement

Drawing forms the basis of my practice. It is the immediate form of tangible expression from the ephemeral nature of the idea. Usually drawing on paper with different mediums; making paper collages by pasting and cutting various kinds of paper or constructing them into independent cut outs; combining a range of drawing styles within a coherent visual realm, forms the basis of my art making.

I develop layered story structures which have references from a range of sources like history, literature, mythology, comic books, art history, science fiction, miniature painting, movies, architecture, encyclopaedias, news reports as well as memory, conversation and personal experiences. This results in the combination of different time periods and to the formation of multi faceted narratives with dystopian landscapes, characters, composite creatures, humanoid objects etc; leading to the creation of a personal mythology, playing on the lines of the personal and the collective psyche.

The act of storytelling becomes the intrinsic part of my research based practice; commenting on the ideas of a hybrid culture, identity, exploitation, violence, and the present as a consequence of the past.

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