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Artist of The Day | Prachi Sahasrabudhe

Prachi Sahasrabudhe


Wood Cut

30 × 20 cm


PRACHI SAHASRABUDHE Born: 01st March 1994. Mumbai, Maharashtra,India

My works serve the senses with my emotional experience as an artist caught in the crossover between cities and villages. In an increasingly mechanical world, my vision is to encourage the viewer to delve in the details and feel the physical and psychological connection that we have with the nature around us. The compositions are lyrical reformations of the places I visit, surroundings I live in with a personal experience and memories related to it.

I generally work on three to four series simultaneously that include topics based on Nature, self-expression, society and surroundings and fantasy. The body of works that I create in these series consist of several themes and narratives that are triggered from the daily occurrences and experiences that generate some intense thought processes in my mind. I mostly title my works metaphorically so that the viewer gets a freedom to look at the artwork in his/her perceptions.

Courtesy of Roy Thomas, Prachi Sahasrabudhe


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