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Artist of The Day | Harjit Min

Haeji Min

My Multiple Egos


Oil color



Haeji Min, who studied at Slade School of Fine Art, explores the life and death of humans in mirroring the life cycle of plants through painting, illustration, sculpture, and video. By creating virtual plant characters within her works, she offers positive connotations of companionship, sentimentality, and representation of a caregiver. For the artist, this is reminiscent of a simpler life in childhood, reminding Haeji of strolling down grass tracks to her homes in Canada and New Zealand or visiting botanical gardens to escape real-life struggles and worries.

However, this reminiscing also exists with a negative undertone as her pieces explore the destruction of natural life and the terror which comes with being unable to detect the invisible effects we are having on humans in the future.

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