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Artist of the Day | Julien Segard

Julien Segard



Charcoal and gouache on paper, cardboard, metal, wood

98 7/16 x 196 7/8 inches


Ranging from drawings to installations, frescoes, sculpture, and collage, the art of Julien Segard begins, rests, and thrives between two ends of the spectrum. It is a dialogue between the visceral and the peripheral, vacuity and mass, the potholes and the stars, purity and corruption, the distinct and the intangible, the organic and the man-made.

He dives head first into the milieu, which is his prime source of artistic inspiration, forming a narrative of his experiences with and the relationship between man, landscape, and architecture. His extensive travels have taken him around the world – across Europe, through Africa, to India – where he has been intrinsically drawn towards the latent romanticism lurking in and around industrial wastelands, abandoned parking lots, in the midst of dense traffic, under flyovers, or on railway tracks. Segard has an innate ability to extract the true disposition of existing spaces often using a vernacular of found, reclaimed, and natural materials such as wood, clay, dust, coal, chalk and graphite.

Julien Segard (b. 1980, France) lives and works between France and India.

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