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Artist of the Day | Eileen Senner

Eileen Senner - Untitled

Eileen Senner

Untitled (ES 1707),


Oil on wood panel

24 × 24 × 1 in


Evocative, sensual, thought provoking - these are some words that come to mind when viewing Eileen Senner’s paintings. Passionate about art from a young age, Eileen has been involved with art her entire life. She had a deeply moving experience in Spain while viewing the Altamira cave paintings, and came away from that time changed; connected to the thread that weaves itself through the human race from ages past.

Her art is somewhat formal, and she loves the challenges presented by composition, color and value; how they look, how much information is given and how much is enough – at what point is there too much given - these are issues that intrigue her and peak her interest.

Her main body of work at present is the torso. She has been painting torsos for 15 years, the roots of which evolved from the dichotomy of the question – Is there intuitive whole body wisdom as opposed to the head alone academic wisdom that many individuals hold onto? Integral to her work has been the question “What is the nature of wisdom?”

Says Senner "My questions have involved the location of wisdom. Does it reside, develop, and grow in the body? The brain? The early wisdom – that which the body retains though the brain forgets – this body wisdom is primary in my practice. I use it to make art and pursue it by making art. My intent is that the completed painting remains a query rather then a solution or an answer".

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