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Artist Mentoring Program

Artist Mentoring Program is an intense program with weekday and weekend sessions and involves lots of self-study. This program will work better if the participant can find at least 2 hours a day for practice, research and self-study.

It is a continuous learning process and participants will be invited for periodic talks, seminars and events after they complete this program too!Identifying and promoting successful talent is another objective of this program.


Age : 18+

Duration: Minimum 3 months (24 Classes) 

1 hour 30 minutes session 

2 days/week

Who is this program for? 

The course ideal for those individuals who want to know more about how to enhance their skills to become an artist. This program is a multiple mentor program with many sessions with critics, curators, renowned multidisciplinary artists, art promoters and gallerists. This program will give an in-depth understanding of how the contemporary art world works and a strong criticism for one’s work. Participants of this program will have to compulsorily participate in an exhibition at the end of this program. This program will help amateur artists as well as individuals who want to improve as an artist.

Requirements: Good skills in drawing & painting. If not, the candidate has to attend a skill development program before enrolling for this program. Very high interest to learn the art and creative process

Fees: Rs 15,000/-

Training model: Live interactive online sessions

Maximum participants: 12 in a batch

The medium of communication: English

Selection criteria: a review of works for checking skills and a telephonic interview,  if required.

Success Stories

Anushree Bhat | Student

I have been going to artville for almost 3 years now and the improvement I have in myself is huge. Learning art has helped me see the beauty in loneliness. It's been a great stress buster and also helped in improving my concentration and focus.


Artville training has also given me new experiences which I will carry forward in life. The exposure you get here is very nice, you are not forced to put forward a particular subject but you are allowed to express and put in your thoughts, and imagination to create your own style. I am also very glad to have a small family with the same interests as mine.

Neha Lorraine | Student

Artville academy is a space that enhances creative learning. The peaceful ambiance sets the right mood for the perfect flow of thoughts and colors alike. I took up a one year course of painting and sketching. I would definitely do it all over again if I had a chance.

Benjamin Magesh | Student

Artville helped me transition from an amateur artist to a professional. The Artist Level Course helped me to master all the media and create realistic artworks.


Today, I am working with clients who love my artworks. Thank you Artville!!


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