AGE GROUP: 13+

    Beginner Artist Certification Course focuses on establishing the necessary basics for the students to start art practice. Beginner Artist Certification is a one-year program for students who are thirteen and above. The course is ideal for students who are keen on developing their skills. The course looks into basic aspects of different media and strengthens the basic understanding necessary for a beginner level artist.


    AGE GROUP: 13+

    Artist Level -1 programme is comprised of different modules that focus on certain specific aspects of drawing and painting. Students will have to complete all the modules and finish Creative Thinking and Studio Practice to complete the Artist Level - 1 Certification. However, if the students doesn't require the certification and are only interested in specific modules, you can choose the module that you would like as a short term Modular Programme.


    AGE GROUP : 12+

    Pottery Basics introduces the students to basic hand-building techniques of working with clay. The course looks to present the medium to the students and to acquaint them with the necessary skills. Students will also be working on the potter's wheel.

    This Pottery Basics course is ideal for beginners who are new to throwing on the pottery wheel or for intermediate students who want to brush up their skills.


    AGE GROUP: 5 to 12

    Foundation Course helps in bringing out talent in young students who are keen on improving their artistic skills. The course also nourishes creative thinking and execution of each student. The Foundation course is divided into several modules. Each module focuses on a specific medium and makes the student familiar with the basics. The course is apt for students below the age of thirteen.

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