Master Series #03

Workshop on Creative Professional Development Programme

Developing an understanding of tangible & non-tangible aspects of design thinking. (Physical characteristic such as material, position, orientation etc., emotive qualities & symbolism)

Understanding of Art and design processes and provide the opportunity to work with tangible intangible materials, helping pupils to explore and realise their creative potential

What are the activities conducted at the workshop?

  • Introduction to basic elements

  • Study of Composition/ perspective and light and shade etc…

  • In the course of the workshop, students will be exposed to a unique combination of body /form/ space and visual explorations through words and images.

  • Slide presentation and Questionnaire session with students to understand elements of art and design /creative thinking.

ACTIVITIES |which the parcitipants will be involved in.


Special Orientation

(left hand – right hand coordination) activity

Ambidexterity is the state of being equally adapted in the use of both the left and the right hand

Use both hands simultaneously to do actions opposite in nature.


Spatial orientation is the ability to maintain body orientation and posture in relation to the surrounding environment (physical space) at rest and during motion.

For better concentration, to increase reading speed, for better creativity, for developed senses & improved emotional stability


Candidate should wear dress which is comfortable to him / her.

The process of visualization helps to gather thoughts, relax the mind and crystallize imagination of images, words, sounds, sensations, smells or a combination of all, thus stimulating those lobes accordingly.

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