Creative weekends

Whether it’s playing, painting, sponging or spraying, it’s about putting on an apron to face a blank canvas and unleashing your own individual creativity that makes Lets paint the most fun you can have. Painters are provided with a menu of 12 different size canvases, easels or table, acrylic paints, brushes and tools to freely express themselves.No drawing or painting skills are required, but for those who would like a helping hand or some inspiration, there are qualified artists at the studios to assist.For young artists, art students and art enthusiasts Lets Paint is a great resource, not only for the various art materials available for sale, but also because for as little as 1200.00 you can create your own art piece without having to carry the cost of buying expensive materials needed for gifting, projects, exams or portfolio examples. A variety of drawing materials, different tools, paint brushes in all sizes. Lets paint is your own studio in an environment which oozes creativity.

Artville Academy and Art Cafe

314, 5th Main, HRBR layout

2nd block, Kalyan Nagar

Bangalore - 560043

+91 96209 364 87