Great Bengalooru Painting festival 2019

The Great Bengalooru Painting Festival is an initiative by Artville Academy to bring art closer to the people. It is an annual advent where artists from all levels get together and participate in the daylong event. 



  • Various artists will be part of the event.  


  • Participants are required to bring their materials as per the standard size or it can be bought at the venue.


  •  The public is allowed to buy the artwork from the artists, the gallery will not interfere in any way. 


  • 30 Selected works will be put up for an exhibition at our gallery in Richmond Town. 


  • There will be Demonstrations and Workshops by various artists to spread awareness about art to the community. 


We encourage interaction between participants and the public so that they can understand the creative process and the thinking that goes into making an artwork. 

Venue: Richmond Park 

Date: 23rd October 2019

Time: 11 AM to 7 AM


Our purpose is to initiate a creative congregation that appreciates and promotes art.  

Children’s Theatre Workshop
Dec 22, 2019, 10:00 AM
Artville Academy and Cafe
A 7-day theater workshop conducted by Jijo K Mathew (Actor), Abhija Sivakala(Actress) and Firos Khan (Theatre Director).

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