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Bachelor’s of Fine Arts - Sculpture

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore 2015

Master’s in Fine Arts - Sculpture

Kala Bhavana, VisvaBharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal 2018


  Presented the “Bandi Project”. A Democratised structure for showcasing art and other objects in a single mobile structure at Chitra Sante, Bangalore, January 2014

Performance art at 1Shanti road Gallery and featured on Art and Deal Magazine, Bangalore, September 2013

Collaborative Sand sculpture exhibited at Rangoli Art center, brigade road, Bangalore, August 2013

Perfomance using sculptural process at Kalarasa gallery under the loopholes project, Jayanagar, Bangalore, August 2013

IFA funded performance art along with the “Art Bundi” at the Art Adda Project 560, Bangalore, May 2014

Bachelor’s Final year exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore 2015

 Assisted, executed and exhibited Esther Shalev Gerz (French Artist) for a show openingat MOG (Museum of Goa) 2016

Arts for all Artist Residency in Sanskriti kendra and a group show at Sanskriti Kendra 2015

 MFA annual show 2018,Kala Bhavana, at ICCR gallery, Kolkata, 2018

Group show named ”CONNECTING LINES” at ART HOUZ Gallery July 2019 - Bangalore

Workshops/Art Camps:

Assisting participants of Lalit kala Academy Camp at Karnataka Chithrakala Parishath, bangalore,February 2014

ACT ( artists create together ) an experimental workshop on performative practice lead by Seema Kohli, NGMA, November 2013

Assisting artists in interactive outdoor art installations at the GO MAD music festival at Ooty, October 2013

Participation in traditional bronze casting workshop at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath,Bangalore, September 2013

Open house plaster casting workshop I.G.A studio, Bangalore, March 2013

Collaborative work on Painting the Ashoka Chakra sponsored by Amma Foundation.Size: 90 x 90 feet Ashoka Chakra, Bangalore, September 2012

Collaboration with Jivan Frenster (German artist) part of the Geothe. Institut,Bangalore Residency project, 2015

Participated as an artist at the Shilpakala Academy Cement Sculpture campconducted at Kaginele (Haveri district) from Jan-Feb 2015

Assisted Lina Vincent (curator) at Kochi- Biennale 2014

Artist Statement:

Growing up in a city like Bangalore and choosing to practice art has made me realise the importance

in observing the details of simplicity in livelihood and the rapid changes as the city grew over the


The contradictions that we see now was and is forcefully implemented upon nature and its changes.

Creating forms that dominate one another to show its superiority. All of which is also major qualities

of human beings in their fast moving society. Capturing these changes according to my observation

and implementing them onto solid materials such as stone, metal, clay, wood and fabric which

represents five basic elements of nature such as fire (agni), earth (pritvi), water (jal), wind (vayu) and

ether (akash)

The behaviour of each materials coming in conflict with another represents the kind of imbalance

which we have created on nature over the decades. The kind of struggle that a tree goes through

crawling its way out of a concrete building or through large rocks clearly shows the tension bursting

out over a period of time.

The natural texture on materials, has a language of its own. Listening and conveying this language

through the means of creating visual forms in correspondence to nature and our surrounding.

My artworks are based on universal concepts like struggle of growth/ force and changing transition in

landscapes and nature. To strike a visual representation of nature’s way of language to us.

My activities in sports, dance and martial arts influenced my idea of body; notions of dynamism and

movement, depicting force and growth and crossing borders through change. A sense of congestion

strikes when change occurs through what we call as unfamiliarity. All of which, the process interests

me the most.


Recent Artworks