Roshan George


An Aeronautical Engineer turned entrepreneur. Have more than 20 years of experience working with multiple corporates in multiple locations. Have successfully launched business of two US Aerospace and defense companies in India. Founded Artville in 2010 to pursue passion for art. Having a strong network of over 1000 artists from different countries, in 2012 launched Artville Academy to offer structured courses for students who have high level of interest in Art and creativity. First batch of Artville Academy started with 3 students and now we have trained over 2700 students from 9 different countries.

Broken Republic

A series of 21 abstract artworks mostly executed by flow control and manipulation. Some works are political and some address social issues.

Size: 3ft x 3ft and 4ft x 3ft

"Everything flows free just like a fluid. Some will flow fast without any friction, some flow slow like a viscous fluid. But every single thing reaches there at a final point. Just like a river find its own way to the mighty ocean. Just like our thoughts...results depend on how we control and guide it. Sometimes it can go wrong. But that doesn’t matter, we are capable of making it better each time "


Recent Artworks 

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