INR 5900

INR 454 / Class

Art work by Pradeep



2 Days/Week

60 Mins/Session

Session Plan

Understanding fundamentals of drawing by creating forms with different kinds of lines
Enhancing freehand drawing skills
Understanding light and shadow, uses of tones and different types of shading pencils.
Understanding how to draw complex objects with simple shapes & forms
Application of tonal exercises in a still life drawing
Understanding the difference between patterns and textures
Creative still life drawing using different textures.

Understanding the texture of charcoal and the gradients they offer, using different mediums to smudge.
Understanding movement of tones with light and shadow in charcoal.
Analysis of natural light in a landscape using charcoal
Composing an original drawing using both charcoal and shading pencils
Dicussion of work and recap


A3 size Sketchbook (cartridge sheet)
HB Pencil
Eraser, Sharpen