Programs for 13 YEARS AND ABOVE 


Beginner Artist Certification Course focuses on establishing the necessary basics
for the students to start art practice. Beginner Artist Certification is a one-year
program for students who are thirteen and above. The course is ideal for students
who are keen on developing their skills. The course looks into basic aspects
of different media and strengthens the basic understanding necessary for a
beginner level artist. 


Sculpting Basics focuses on teaching students the fundamental methods that are mainly used in sculpting. You will also be trained in initial design and construction for sculptures. In this course students get to experiment with a variety of media and enhance their skills in various techniques of sculpting. You will be encouraged  to create your own ideas inspired by the practice of observation and the use of practical techniques.

Graffiti and Wall Art | AGE 13 & ABOVE >

Graffiti and wall art, a course branched in two programs focuses on street art and its relevance. The basic level program equips the student with the necessary skills to work on their own graffiti by understanding the texture and scale of the wall along with the mediums and the style to be explored in monochrome. The advanced level program focuses on  understanding and application of spray paints, it's varied styles in graffiti for the student to work on their own project. 


This course is the study of visual culture for students with little or no experience in the fine arts or appreciation of it. It includes a brief study of art history and in depth studies of the elements, media, and methods used in creative processes and thought.


Artville Certified Art Facilitator gives the individual the necessary skills for them to pursue a career in art teaching. The programme will also help you in creating session plans and gives an insight into how to teach art. Artville Certified Trainer Program is a six-month short duration programme. The programme gives necessary skills for the individuals to teach students between the age of five and twelve as per Artville syllabus. After the course, the individuals have a chance to teach at Artville or they can partner with Artville to open their own branch. 


Artist Level -1 programme is comprised of different modules that focus on certain
specific aspects of drawing and painting. Students will have to complete all the
modules and finish Creative Thinking and Studio Practice to complete the Artist
Level - 1 Certification.

However, if the students doesn't require the certification and are only interested in
specific modules, you can choose the module that you would like as a short term
Modular Programme. 

Artwork by Alfiya Borah, Student, Artville Certificate program


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