INR 7200


12 Sessions

2 Sessions of 60 Mins / week

Student work: Farah. Age 17

About the Course

Understanding different brushes
Understanding different washes and techniques
Colour mixing excercises
Understanding Light & shadow
Still life composition
Landscape excercises
Creative portrait
Original composition applying all the learnings
Discussions and recap

Session plan


Water colour paper A4 Hot press 5 sheets.
Water colour paper A4 cold press 5 sheets.
Artist quality watercolour cakes 18/24 shades.
Synthetic brushes (assorted set of flat and round brushes : sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10)
Water colour palette
A3 size Sketchbook (cartridge sheet)
HB Pencil
Eraser, Sharpener, Ruler


A good device with good camera

Highspeed Internet

A good headset & mic

Call: 9742020666 / 9620936487

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