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About the Course

Artville Academy have a proven curriculum for training online. All our junior trainers are Artville Certified Art facilitators. The program is a step by step guide to make art classes engaging. It also provides an opportunity for individuals to partner/work with us to teach Artville programs upon successful completion of course and Project.

Pre requisites:
Moderate skills in multiple mediums
This is a professional course. Students must be willing to do self study and assignments
Succesful sumission of assignments and completion of project is mandatory to get certificate

Days: Monday,Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Morning batch: 10am to 12:00pm
Afternoon batch: 2:00pm to 4pm
Evening Batch: 5pm to 7pm
Fast track: 11am to 1:00pm 1hr break 2pm to 4pm

Duration: 32 sessions (2 hrs each)
Art training online dos and dont's
Teaching methodology
Working with a structured curriculum
Understanding creative process
Importance of Original Art
Monitoring live online classes

Pen & Ink
Oil pastels & Colour theory
Water colour
Perspective study
Art project.


Eraser, Sharpener and Ruler
HB Pencil
Shading Pencil Set
Charcoal Pencil set of 3
Black gel pen
Drawing Ink - Black or Indian Ink
Synthetic brushes (assorted set of flat and round brushes : sizes 0, 2, 4, 6 & 8)
Palette - small
Artist quality Oil Pastels 50 shades
Sketch Book A3 150 GSM  
Artist quality watercolour cake 18/24 shades
Water colour paper A4 300 GSM cold press - 5 sheets, hot press -10 sheets


Highspeed Internet

A good device with good camera

A good headset & mic

Call: 9742020666 / 9620936487

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What they say about us


Anushree Bhat | Student

I have been going to artville for almost 3 years now and the improvement I have in myself is huge. Learning art has helped me see the beauty in loneliness. It's been a great stress buster and also helped in improving my concentration and focus.


Artville training has also given me new experiences which I will carry forward in life. The exposure you get here is very nice, you are not forced to put forward a particular subject but you are allowed to express and put in your thoughts, and imagination to create your own style. I am also very glad to have a small family with the same interests as mine.


Vinitha Nair | Student

An artist's delight with sunlight streaming in from huge glass windows, a mango tree at the centre of the cafe with tables, chairs, easels and canvases around it and beautiful music wafting around, it is a piece of heaven within the crowded chaos of Bangalore.

This is the best place to be guided into the art world & let my creativity flow freely and translate my visions onto the canvas. I have also been lucky enough to meet many Artists

at Artville


Rekha Ravi Sajit | Parent

My children have been attending this art school for over 5 years , This is a very professionally run art school with brilliant artists as teachers. If you are looking for a serious art school for your child - This is the place .


The courses are properly outlined, adult students and children are trained according to their skill levels and encouraged to do more !

Highly recommend !!!