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Child Painting Model Airplane

Advanced creative study




156 Sessions 1 hour each

2 Sessions / week




(Includes all materials)


Advanced creative study

The program will enhance the student's multidisciplinary abilities and creative ideas while also advancing their artistic skills. Student's will be encouraged to experiment with diverse media, allowing them to explore their creative technique and perception of the artistic process.

This course is ideal for students who have a keen interest in art and creativity with moderate level of skills
Ideal for students planning to choose a career in art/design/architecture


1. Pencil
2. Pen & Ink
3. Charcoal
4. Oil Pastels
5. Water colour
6. Acrylic painting
7. Perspective Study
8. Basics of anatomy
9. Fundamentals of Art & Design
10. Composition & Concept development
11. Portfolio creatiion


Eraser, Sharpener and Ruler HB Pencil
Shading Pencil Set
Charcoal Pencil set of 3
Technical pen/ Fine liners - 1 set
Drawing Ink - Black or Indian Ink
Synthetic brushes (assorted set of flat and round brushes : sizes 0, 2, 4, 6 & 8)
Palette - small.
Artist quality Oil Pastels 50 shades.
Sketch Book A3 150 GSM  
Artist quality watercolour cake 18/24 shades.
Artist quality Acrylic paint set of 12 shades
Water colour paper A4 300 GSM cold press - 5 sheets hot press -10 sheets


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