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Child Painting Model Airplane

Foundation Level 2

Quarterly Course Fee




104 Sessions 1 hour 15 Mins each


2 Sessions / week


Foundation Level 2

Foundation Level 2 (Age 7-9): This course will focus on fostering student's creativity through a variety of hands-on activities, including drawing, shading & painting. Students will also get introduced to more advanced art techniques, such as perspective and composition.


  • Pencil & Pen

  • Pastels

  • Watercolor

  • Poster Colour

  • Project work

Learning Objective:

● Imagination, Intuition, and Engagement.

● Aesthetical Orientation, Introduction to Art object and Elements of Art.

● Types, Characteristics and Functions of lines and its visual impacts.

● Sketching through observation and Learning from Surroundings.

● The primary focus is on developing basic drawing, Painting and representation skills.

● Study of Objects having varied shapes, Outdoor study and study of monuments.

Learning Outcome:

● Holistic development of a student.

● Consistency, Dedication and Sense of ownership.

● Developing an orientation for seeing and sensitizing.

● Understand the fundamentals of drawing and representation skills.

● Help students acquire basic knowledge about the characteristics of colors.

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