Full time: 150 classes | 4hrs/day

Part time:  300 classes | 2hrs/day

Artist Level - 3 is an advanced level programme designed for students who are planning on becoming a visual artist.  Students are equipped with basic knowledge and skill in relation to the subject. The course also introduces students to a wide variety of media. Students can choose between a part-time or a full-course duration. Part-time program will be a 2-year program and the Full-time program will be a 1-year program. 

Artist Level - 3 Programme is split into four main subjects. The first subject is Drawing and Painting. The Drawing and Painting takes the students through skill development in various media. It will start with the basics of Pencil and then move on to in-depth study of various media like Pen, Charcoal,  Pastels, Watercolour, Acrylic and Oil. The students are given enough time to master these media. 


The second part is an introspect into the Contemporary Art World as well as looking back at the evolution of art. Introduction to Art Appreciation helps the students understand and interpret art and art culture. 


The third part of the programme is Sculpting. There are three levels in this part. The Beginner Level Programme is an introduction to the different forms of sculpting. It will also teach the students about different aspects and tools that are involved in sculpting. Intermediate Level will introduce the students to three dimensional modelling and Plaster of Paris Sculpting. Advanced Level is the final module under Sculpting, It deals with Armature Construction, Basic Anatomy, Portrait, Moulding and Casting.


The final module of the Artist Level - 3 Programme is the Creative Thinking and Studio Practice. These sessions will help you develop your ideas. It will also help you to express yourselves in your artworks. After the successful completion of all the modules, including the Creative Thinking and Studio Practice, you will be awarded with the Artville Artist Level - 3 Certification   


Vinitha  | Age: 16+ | Oil on canvas

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