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Artville Artist Level 2 Certificate Programme looks to develop the core skills that are necessary for an artist. The course introduces students to a wide variety of media. The Artist Level -2 programme helps the students to understand the world of art from a synchronic and diachronic perspective.  Through practical exercises and constructive support, the course is designed to build your artistic skills and take your creativity further. The course will help you find your identity as an artist and how to reflect this identity through your art. Completion of project work and portfolio making module is necessary for the Artville Artist Level -2 Certificate. 

Anika | Age: 16+ | Mixed Media on Paper

Artist Level - 2 Programme consists of 13 modules. The students undergo intense training in basic media like pencil, pen, charcoal, watercolour, poster colour, acrylic and oil. Modules like Plein Air Sketching, Collage and Anatomy that are dedicated to provide the students with an immersive experience and make them understand different forms of the art. 

The programme also contains modules dedicated to providing students with a basic understanding of Art and its transition. 

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