Art Appreciation WORKSHOP

Every Sunday 

Know more about the Artist 

An interactive workshop on understanding the thoughts that goes into making a great artwork.

The term art appreciation is referred to the knowledge of the general and everlasting qualities that classify all great art. It is seen used to refer to the exploration of visual art forms or the introduction of basic principles of visual literacy.  It refers to analyzing the form of an artwork to general audiences to enhance their enjoyment of such works of art. It may be analyzed without reference to subject matter, symbolism or historical context. 

Topics covered in the workshop

What is Art?

Where does an art object begin and end?

Who are the artists? Artist intention versus Artist emotion? Artist as an accident? Ontology of art (the red painting).

What is taste? What is beauty? How does one define beauty? What is subjective beauty? What is objective beauty?

Health and symmetry, Nuances and mistakes. Refinement through learning (development of taste), what are the key genres of Art?

Timings - 6 PM to 8 PM

Every Sunday

Maximum 12 participants
Registration Fee : 200 (Including a beverage of your choice)


Contact for more details:

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Artville Academy and Art Cafe

314, 5th Main, HRBR layout 2nd block, Kalyan Nagar

Bangalore - 560043

+91 96209 364 87

+91 9742 020 666

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