Artville Academy presents a golden opportunity to help you seed that passion through one of its kind training programmes aimed at guiding and moulding you into a better artist. The courses are designed to fine-tune your artistic skills and enable you to appreciate art and its relationship to culture and history. The programs give you an insight into classification, understanding and value judgment of Art.

 Our training is a unique program designed to develop skills of students who are very much interested in art. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses and can also specialize in their preferred medium. Artville also offers a Teacher Training Program and gives the opportunity for those who have completed training to teach at Artville. 

These programs are being conducted by practicing artists and Artville certified trainers. They would be taking the students through sessions on drawing, painting, composition, sculpting, printmaking, graphic communication, gallery and studio etiquette to help them understand and evaluate art better to polish their skills. 


Artville Academy and Art Cafe

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